Wicked Games

What a wicked game to play, to make me feel this way…what a wicked thing to do….

Wow. The ways of discernment are many, but my go to has always been the Holy Spirit.

I have spidey senses, bitches.

And so it was that I was Gobsmacked by the truth, and the truth shall set us free. Okay, I actually kind of knew the truth, but not the gory details.

Recently, the Super Deception Spreaders announced that Cirsten Weldon was dead. Oh, the drama. Oh the fake acting. Ricky Rebel, we see you. The entire community was a buzz, did she die? Did she fake her death? Was she arrested?

Lies on both sides, which is only natural in the Art of War.

Looks like she was indicted, and she isn’t the only one.

Negative 48



Pryme Minister-

The list will grow, and no one gets a free pass.

This, my friends, is quite the developing story.

Stay tuned.

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