Dance in the DARK OF NIGHT

You are experiencing the BATTLE OF EVERMORE.

You will understand, as you come through this Storm, that you have not a single iota of how you made it through-thank Jesus that you did.

You have survived the supreme battle of Good against Evil.

You are a pure blood, you have escaped Armageddon.

If your experience has been anything like mine? You are a withered nub of nothingness. I have been in fist fights in grocery stores, been called a FUCKING TRUMP WHORE by a Lutheran Pastor in my home town, in broad daylight-then arrested by a member of my own congregation.

I had a bitch roll my therapy dog (I am autistic) because he wasn’t wearing a mask in a 3,000 acre Wildlife Conservation.

I have chased my normie husband through my home with my grandmother’s golf clubs-sadly, after a particularly awful argument (in which he told me that Joe Biden was indeed our duly elected president) I did make contact.

Shit. Hit. Fan.

The hour is nigh my brothers and sisters.

Our day has come.

Now remember whom you are and go kick some fucking ass.

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