Everybody’s Disapproval

I was raised Roman Irish Catholic. I have seen and experienced things at the expense of my soul, my spirit and my mind.

My brother was satanically and ritually abused at the hands of a priest who came to our home under the guise of helping the children of alcoholics-he got to my brother, and thanks to my eldist sister screams, Father Wassail did NOT get to my sister.

Look up the 501 3 (c).

Dare you.

I will never again believe one fucking word a pastor, priest or so called man of God has to say.

God is within you, as is the Holy Spirit.

You are under the protection of Jesus.

Leave these bastards and fools to their own hell.

One response to “Everybody’s Disapproval”

  1. Everything you know is a lie. Reptilians and Greys invented religion. Please be careful, the MATRIX doesn’t even begin to tell you reality. The bible is missing over710 books.


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