Strange Love

At what point do we put down despair and pick up our cross?

How does one remain courageous in the face of an evil so incomprehensible it leaves us crippled, bereft of spirit? Unable to sleep, eat-or explain to our friends and loved ones why we soak the sheets at night-or jump down their throats at whim?

Shake it off. Armor up.

The topic is pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse-and no, I will not lend capital letters to these crimes against humanity.

Soon the world will know about the children. They will feel the very same emotions we lightworkers felt when we learned of these abominations: rage, fear, despair, addiction and even perhaps suicidal ideation.

Not one of us was born spiritually awakened, we had to prune and grow, love and let go-and often in harrowing circumstances.

I am here to tell you that none of the above can touch what our precious children have endured for thousands of years. We can’t come close to even beginning to comprehend what these babies have suffered, at the hands of the very people they trusted.

It is my belief that many of us have come to this place on purpose-to comfort and hold those near to us who face their worlds being rocked; their hopes dashed and their faith tested,

It is my prayer that each and every one of us can rise to the occasion.

For the children.

They thought you would follow the stars.

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