Someone Else’s Cafe~

This sounds so much like my brother that I stopped dead in my tracks in the kitchen just now. It’s not my brother, but the lyrics even sound like something he would write-as if we had this conversation in other lifetimes.

I’ve longed for those childhood days as of late, to the point of despondence. Alas, no sense ruminating, it gets you nowhere.

There’s a big club amigos, and you and I weren’t invited.

The very people we’ve entrusted to steer the ship have used us as pawns, even food source in their macabre and evil plot to enslave the world.

Prepare yourselves for shock and awe-that’s what’s coming.

Shock and awe.

Love one another.

Very soon the entire world will come together-with a common enemy.

We did our best to comfort and guide, the rest is up to you.

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