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Asked and answered.


Now, having a hunch that the newest shooting was a false flag, I tuned into the NBC nightly news for the press conference. Both so called cops briefing the “media” shapeshifted before the world’s eyes.

Think logically.

These people are stupid.

NOTE: Many have asked for the link. I tried to provide it last evening. The press conference was live and has been wiped, but here is the doctored episode of the nightly news with Lester Holt.

I can’t pull evidence out of thin air, the press conference is NOT available or I would post it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A false flag does NOT mean that no one was killed, we have been saying this for years. It means that the terror was organized by your own government, the elites-the dark powers and principalities that rule the world, or FREEMASONS.


14 responses to “TEXAS SHOOTING FALSE FLAG~”

  1. Link please. I know it’s true but we need the evidence.

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    1. I tried to provide the link last evening. The press conference was live, and I can’t find it anywhere. It was featured on NBC nightly news with Lester Holt.


      1. Which news agency? NBC? ABC? CNN?Additionally if the link is unshareable you can always screen record it. We just need the video not the audio.


      2. Thank you for at least the edited version, now we can dig and use that as a basis for where, who, and when? It’s got to be available somewhere. It’s 2022 things don’t just disappear when they’re televised now because it’s digital and interlaced with the news media’s webpage.

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      3. My gut is that they wiped it. Lester Holt was peeing his pants when they panned back to him. It was a male and female giving the presser. They are hiding.


    2. Why are they showing two different schools ??? Fox News showed a different scene. Go to the school website, looks nothing like what was shown on news . Fox News showed a white hearse at school. A hearse Is for caskets. Wtf ..Different scene. False Flags are legal Propaganda produced by the department of defense.( The original story out of Texas – Disgruntled LATINO TRANS teenage nutcase pulls up to school, shoots one round from hand gun and is then shot by concealed carry IN THE PARKING LOT. THEN USDA COMES OUT AND SAYS SHOOTING IS RACIST ..Also Biden Regime wanted to pass this domestic terrorism bill in response to Buffalo shooting seven days ago. This bill is for their make believe white supremacist. This is why they did this fake staged shooting in Texas

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      1. Keep up the good and great work! We need more like you~


  2. They’re getting desperate!
    They live. We sleep.
    What’s the motive behind all these school shootings? It’s disturbing, per usual. Tired of these reptiles…

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful response. The motive is to disarm us, and throw blame on the right. We do not consent, therefor we are impervious to their attacks.


  3. Yeah, we’re gonna need that link. PLEASE. It shouldn’t be hard to find if the whole world saw it.

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  4. I’m not a conspiracy theorist,but I’m tired of hearing about one “shooting” after the other.Even as dysfunctional as people have become in recent years because of other presumably orchestrated events or exploited natural events,it doesn’t account for the ridiculous number of shootings.It’s normal to be suspicious and cynical.Of course,the refrain we hear from the media is “far right conspiracy” and “baseless far right claims” or “extremist claims” bla bla bla.But some people know there is something going on which will inevitably lead to increasing infringement on citizens rights of one form or another.They’ve heard enough news discussion panels and press conferences and know the records of the politicians to see where it’s all likely headed in the near future.

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    1. I’m not a conspiracy theorist either my friend. I am a Truther and brother, we are a rare breed. Be blessed and thank you for commenting.


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