Solar Flare-Last Marker- The Queen~

According to my sources we can expect the Solar Flare in the very near future-possibly as soon as a week.

When you hear the news that Queen Elizabeth has died (she was executed along with the entire Royal family years ago) you will know that planet Earth is about to enter the fifth dimension.

There will be air sirens activated. Many will think there is a threat of nuclear war-this is not true. This flare is controlled 24/7 by Whitehats-it will feel like the sun ceased to exist for approximately three days.

Within this timeframe there will be Emergency Broadcast Systems activated. This event is scheduled in order to awaken the masses. 4-6% will be lost forever.

Please remain calm. Have enough water and food on hand for ten days. It is always a good idea to grow your own garden, no matter where you live.

This is not fear mongering, I want you to be prepared.

The solar flare will lead us into a world so beautiful you’ll have to wear shades.

Hang in there my friends. We have this.

If it comes out of the MSM it is FAKE.

No fear.

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