I pity the fool that tries to mess with my family-the irony lies within the fact that no one has fucked with them more than me.

That’s right, my awakening caused a seismic shift in my ability to cope-I was engulfed in a fiery rage that all but consumed any hope of redemption, for me or anyone else.

I raged, I ridiculed, and I did so without apology.

Q told us from the very beginning-he reiterated ad nauseum-FAMILY IS EVERYTHING. In hindsight I thought this a cruel twist of fate, as our families were lost to us-voting for Trump was bad enough, but our truths were hard to swallow, even for us.

I am here to tell you that no one will love you like kin.

For better, for worse-take a good look in the mirror, do some soul searching. Then pick up that phone and brace yourselves-you may find they loved you all along-but you can’t blame them for not liking you all that much.

Don’t ask for apologies when in fact you may be the one who needs to eat crow.

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