Infiltration of the Q Movement~

I was blessed with a bullshit meter from the beginning of the Great Awakening. No one on this list resonated with me and for that I am forever thankful.


Charlie Ward-female to male inversion, human trafficker and McDonalds owner, sacrificed first born son.

Simon Parkes-shapeshifter, satanist, deceiver.

Cirsten W-male to female inversion, CCP, faked his own death, former Playboy bunny.

Nino Rodriguez-female to male inversion, woman molestor.

Scott McKay-female to male inversion, asshole.

Santa Surfing-shove Sammy the Squirrel up your ass, lady.

Michael Protzman-Negative 48, indicted, kidnapper and provacateur.

Jordan Sather-female to male inversion, satanist and possible sister of Jack Dorsey.

David Wilcock-compromised and replaced.

Kerry Cassidy-compromised and replaced.

Mel K-caught red handed by John F. Kennedy, Jr. himself.

Roseanne Barr-male to female inversion, 33 degree mason and satanist.

Satan Surfing~

How anyone could think this bitch sexy is beyond me.

One response to “Infiltration of the Q Movement~”

  1. This is not an exhaustive list. X22 Report is controlled opposition as well. Careful who you follow.


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