Truthers You Can TRUST~

It’s time to thank my audience and tell you all how truly humbled and grateful I am for your support. In this age of information I consider it a daunting task to find the truth, let alone be in the privileged company of those who want to hear it.

I consider my sources to be invaluable, and they are few and far between. I read every comment in every video, and make one hundred percent sure that I have vetted and revetted the source.

Because the end time battle is absolutely a war on our minds, I have had to sort through a shit ton of garbage, tomfoolery and malicious aforethought. God gave me the gift of discernment, albeit a little late in life. Here is my list of the truthers I trust:

Kinninigan-I’ve watched Kinni’s videos for years and he is an expert in the field of Draco Reptilians. He has a heart of gold, and a brilliant sense of humor as well.

McAllister TV’s Linda Paris. She is true blue and I have been with her for the ride since day one, back in 2017. Another zealot with a heart of gold, she lives in Florida with her dog Truman.

Bluewater can be found on BitChute and Gab. He is an expert on a variety of topics, and his information about holistic health is par none-but read the comment sections, that’s where the gold is.

The Patriot Hour-my friend Michael is another patriot I have followed since day one, and he is a Navy veteran. He was among the crew that recovered John F. Kennedy, Jr’s downed plane-Michael knows things.

It’s truly an honor.

Be blessed.

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