Blue Rays & StarSeeds Ascension Shift Symptoms Updates ~June 2, 2019

And so it is~

Rose Rambles…

A Brand New Energy Cycle 333 Portals of Transformation & Inner Alchemy for the Sensitive Empaths
~ How to use this Special Magical New Moon

The Blue Ray Water Souls are sensitive empath star seeds who channel
their creative force though the sacred divine feminine. You have an
innate capacity to feel and connect with Mother Earth and Nature. This
is one of your navigating treasures here on Mother Earth Terra, Goddess
of the Earth. As sensitive empathy’s who align through the Sacred Divine
Feminine, this Moon is a portal to the Celestial heavens that will
awaken Cosmic Conscious Awareness in you.

Blue Ray’s and Starseeds empathic sensitive’s of the Christo Sophia Goddess Heart Love

These empathic Souls by virtue of the Christos/Sophia, Goddess are
heart based spiritual that allows you to experience the higher forces of
Nature around you. Your gifts of intuition and emotions will be
amplified during…

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