Bricks Are Caving In~

The first purchase I ever made, at the age of 11, was a pin that read Question Authority.

I have never had a placid, easy life. Quite the contrary, I’ve battled demons (imaginary and otherwise) since early childhood. The lower I went, the harder I fought.

Those of us who fight for the children, our country and fellow patriots were-at least in the anon department-chosen. We were activated for a reason, and that is why we were awakened before you.

Many of the original anons are autistic, I am no exception. We see patterns others can’t, and any doubt I had about my purpose in life was extinguished back in 2016-when we began to see the horrible, wretched truths hidden from humanity for eons.

Soon, you will know Esther.

Make no mistake-we are a very focused and frenzied club. We fight for the children, our families, and in most cases-ourselves.

I have been involuntarily hospitalized, arrested and the brunt of many jokes. I ghosted every friend I had over the past six years, and for good reason.

The truth was supposed to come out a year and a half ago-the waiting has been akin to mezzanine level hell on every front.

Many of us have lost jobs, families, marriages and at some point along the way, ourselves.

And now, it’s personal.

We’re invested.

For we were born for such a time as this.

Stay out of our way.

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