The Event-Empowering Better Humans~

The above is the best source of information I have yet to find in the last six years of searching for the truth.

A few important take aways: ALL VACCINE INJURED WILL BE FINE. ABSOLUTELY FINE. The changes in Earth’s vibrations will heal them, I can ensure you of this.

I want to apologize for my impatience and irritability: I take the dissemination of information extremely seriously. In order to bring you the facts it’s necessary that I wade through hours of disinformation and tomfoolery.

Be very careful with who you follow-many of these “truthers” are in all actuality Freemasons. They want you down in the 3D matrix with them. We want you freed and by we I mean Q, the whitehats and the anons.

The news is beyond good, it’s surreal. I find myself happy for the first time in months-especially knowing that those I love the most will be taken care of despite the evil that has plagued this world for eons.

Celebrate, share this information.

Namaste, beloveds.

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