I’ve been at this truther thing for a very long time-six years and counting.

Have I been fooled? HELL YES. Did it make me much more discerning and thorough in my research?

Is a frog’s ass water tight?

Now I’m calling out the bullshit and the bullshitters, I have had enough-thank you very much.

Let’s start with the dipshit Nana on AnonUp.


She was constantly messaging me when I was on that platform-all under the guise of being “concerned” about other anons not being able to handle the truth. This bitch is why I left, she disgusted me that thoroughly.

“Nana” was just recently at a taped event featuring Charlie Ward (human trafficker connected to Freemason CIA POS Michael Flynn) and PROVEN controlled opposition and KNOWN LIAR Juan O’Saven (Wayne Willott)

That brings me to this POS.

Why is Ms. Blades throwing up the Freemasonry sign? She loves the children alright. Ties to Flynn and a known witch.

This bitch-the new GEORGE magazine is NOT the old GEORGE. Scott McKay on the first issue? PLEASE. I’ll stick with the original, the one John F. Kennedy, Jr. created.

She’s so obvious it’s almost funny.

I’ll be digging up more dirt daily, careful who you follow.

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