My Panpipes~

Am I the only one who felt the shit show energy yesterday? After a cup of cheap ass coffee and a whirl around social media I found myself with a migraine to beat the band. I rarely get a headache but yesterday’s was the equivalent of giving myself a lobotomy through my clitoris.

Painful. As. Fuck.

Stress kills, and I’m about to tell you about my own personal Dr. Kevorkians.

My in-laws.

See, they live directly across the street from me and it’s taken its toll. I’ve tried to play nice, trust me I have. Got me nowhere fast and now I can’t set boundaries fast enough.

The other day I was on my couch reading when my golden retriever jumped up and howled as if the bloody Sandinistas were at the door. Scared the piss right out of me. Here it was my father-in-law, pressing his face up against my window, peering as if he’s seen Jesus himself.

Now, I’m a very private person and as I’ve said before? I don’t do people right now. If I’d had a gun I’d be on death row and I’m not exaggerating. Couldn’t have knocked on the door like any other human being, nope.

I walked away, didn’t even give him the opportunity to explain himself.

By four o’clock in the afternoon I gave up, went to bed-called it a day.

He won’t be so lucky next time.

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