A Little Lovin’~

I want to give you words of comfort, I truly do. I can only tell you what my heart tells me, and that is this:

the answer to every question is love.

I haven’t felt so warm and fuzzy as of late. Shadow work is daunting, and I’ve had a demon or two to exorcise. I’ve sheltered in place, avoided other humans as if my very life depended upon the isolation.

My father, who passed in 2002, comes to me before all hell breaks loose. He shows himself in one of three ways-today he came in the form of a Monarch butterfly, as he did the day we spread his ashes on Lake Pleasant in upstate New York.

Immediately I sensed him, and asked that he come to me. In no more than a heartbeat the Monarch alit on my arm-and I wept. Before I’d time to check my source, I knew in my very essence that shit would soon hit fan.

Please know that God is in control and that you are loved beyond your comprehension.

I pray you blessings, but most of all I pray you peace.

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