Juan O’Savin-ARRESTED~

I have been waiting for this day, you have no idea how much I hate a liar, and especially one who is backing CIA Traitor and FREEMSON Michael Flynn.

I am awaiting details, but I can tell you this: every single shill, every single Paytriot who pushed Flynn and the black hat agenda will be EXECUTED.


Here is a partial list and I will update you as the intel comes in:

Charlie Ward-DEAD. I am hearing that he was shot after resisting arrest, but I am also hearing that he had a massive heart attack-we shall see.

Simon Parkes-awaiting military tribunal.

David Nino Rodriguez

Scott McKay

Michael Jaco

Tarot by Janine

Benjamin Fulford

Jason Q

Christian Patriot News

Cliff High

Mel K

Nicholas Venjamin

Timothy Charles Holmseth

Melissa Redpill the World

6 responses to “Juan O’Savin-ARRESTED~”

  1. It appears Janine was practicing black magic on unsuspecting subscribers. These people are sick, twisted and evil.


  2. Mel 😳 Haven’t looked on her telegram for awhile just wow .

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    1. Mel is a man and practices MK Ultra upon her viewers. It’s a shit show, but I fell for a few of them in the beginning as well. xo


  3. I just looked seems that a book has been written. Also pushing the light bearer thing . I lost interest a while back with many . Get in and out 🤣 . Once they start acting all 🤩 I kinda get the feeling.

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    1. You are very grounded, I admire you.

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  4. nolanmargaret71 Avatar

    Thank you 🙏🏼 I wing it daily .Trusting that my intuition will somehow guide me to learn what I need to know . It’s a shit show I’m not surprised by much. You and my sister keep me busy 😊🥰 off I go down another hole … I’m a newbie .Thank you for sharing your light sister xxxx

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