In All Directions~

You need to understand that the movie you are currently watching has already ended-most of the evil has been wiped off of the planet, and we have the whitehats to thank for that.

If you are wondering why the good guys don’t just come out and spew the truth you are not alone. There have been moments when I wanted to run screaming, as if my hair were afire-away from the shit show. Fact is there is a major problem with disclosure: our truth movement has been infiltrated by evil-it has split the anon community in two-thereby making declass more difficult.

The goal?

To awaken the masses, as otherwise the Sleepers remain in 3D. The good people of planet Earth want you in 5D, with us. Problem is if you run from the truth you won’t ascend. The shills who sell disinformation, gold, silver and holy bibles to keep you misinformed want you down in the gutter with them.

The traitors listed below will be arrested, they cannot run nor hide from the U.S. Marshalls hunting them down as we speak.

Their day has come and to them I say, good riddance.

Juan O’Savin

Scott McKay

David Nino Rodriguez

Tarot By Janine

SGT Report

X22 Report

Ishmael Perez

Santa Surfing

Michael Protzman (Negative 48)

Cliff High

Jetson White

Kim Gaughen

This is not a complete list, but you get the picture.

And to the AnonUp gatekeepers such as JFKJR Fan, Angels Here and Kat in the Sea I wish you an eternity in purgatory.

May the Karma Delivery Truck rain on your parade-in spades.

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