Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Church~


This is by far the most disturbing subject matter I will ever cover.

I have been well aware of this interview and the horror of Satanic Ritual Abuse for many years. I can tell you that it broke me, literally. I am aware of my limitations and I ask that you proceed with caution.

There is a difference between knowing that the abuse exists, and bathing in the muck and mire.

I do not recommend this for the sensitive or weak of heart.

The child featured in this interview was returned, along with her brother, to their monster of a father-thanks to the British courts.

Their whereabouts remain unknown.

After researching one of the addresses listed below I discovered this:


What in the actual fuck is going on?

These “aquariums” do not exist, yet they have reviews.

Anons are on to you fuckers, and we won’t rest until every child is free.

May God protect these innocents.

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