Updated list of Fakes, Shills, Liars and Thieves:

Mike Adams

Ben Fulford

Jordan Peterson

Kim Gougen

Alex Jones

Joe Rogan

Real Raw News

Tarot by Janine

Juan O’Savin

Russel Brand

Joel Osteen

Kerry Cassidy

Monkey Werx

Santa Surfing

Roseanne Barr

Natural News

Restored Republic

David Icke

Dennis Prager

David Nino Rodriguez

Dr. David Martin

Amazing Polly

Real Raw News

David Zublick

Mel K

Penny Kelley

Steve Bannon

General Michael Flynn

Charlie Freak

Liz Bliss

Alex Collier

David Wilcox

Melissa Redpill

David Straight

Timothy Charles Holmseth

Paula Blades

Daniel Lee

X22 Report

Gene Decode


Jordan Sather

Scott McKay

Michael Protzman

Indictments await them. Some are CIA, most are Freemasons.

They are lying to you, purposefully, to steer you away from the truth.

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