Remdesivir and Crimes Against Humanity~

Look at the date.

Yet they went ahead, didn’t they?

If you think patients weren’t murdered in cold blood using the drug Remdesivir, my friends you can think again.

I know a man who spent time in a mental hospital, very recently. His wife was admitted to a local hospital and promptly diagnosed with COVID19 (the common cold) She was put on this drug and slipped into a coma. When he fought with the doctors they banned him from the hospital. He received word while in the behavioral unit that his wife had, indeed, died.

He is suing the hospital for millions. His children will never have to worry about food, or the economy or even working for that matter. He could care less, he wants his wife back.

Those of us in the know have fought censorship, alienation and grave anxiety over the knowledge that was hard earned because WE THOUGHT FOR OUR FUCKING SELVES.


Now it’s too late to whine, it is what it is.

And there will be absolute hell to pay. Every doctor and nurse will be held accountable-for WAR CRIMES.

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