Self-Righteous Suicide~

Allow me to rant for a moment. I could chew nails at this point-so much for Zen.


God, Jetson White, please kiss my white Irish ass.

It’s simple, really: there is a place prepared for the 4 to 6 percent who will be “lost forever.” These people will not ascend to 5D for one major reason-their inability to see the truth. They want the comfort bubble of 3D and they will go to “little earth.”

There they will live out their lives in ignorant bliss. They will not be able to visit 5D, they will not ascend. They will reincarnate until their soul is ready, however many lifetimes that will take.

I’ve about had it with the doom and gloom and the purposeful disinformation shilled out by men and women who want you powerless.

Carry on.

Wait until you hear the tapes of Podesta torturing a small child.

He’s GITMO lawn fertilizer, one of the first to be executed.

Wow, Gwyneth Paltrow took time out of her busy, vagina candle making day to admire the Jeffrey Dahmer inspired Tony Podesta art!

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