Vincent Kennedy IS JFK, JR.

My blog is a virtual diary, and many of my writings are personal. Yet to say I am not driven by an unseen force to share my thoughts would be a lie.

I no longer have a voice on social media, with the exception of Facebook-the venue Linda Paris calls the Seventh Mezzanine Level of Hell. I had accounts under the moniker The Hippy Chic on Twitter, AnonUp, We Go Social, Rumble, BitChute-you name it, I’ve been there.

I never waivered in speaking my truth, and that got me banned on every site. Every last one.

While I miss my fellow Anons, I try to share their information. I pray for them, cry and laugh with them-they don’t know because I am anonymous now-but there is one man who does know, who has always known.

How can I be certain?

Let’s just say that’s between him and me.

I will never, not in this lifetime or those to come, be able to thank you enough, John.

I love you with all of my heart.

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